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FOCALLURE Oil Control Loose Powder Natural Bedak Tabur- Hingga 12 Jam Make Up

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A new era of nude makeup, light as thin wings, unforgettable

Air cushion loose powder, light and proper, long-lasting makeup

Light and natural, leaving skin more silky

Lasting anti-sweat, open the era of refreshing oil-free

Absorb extra oil, maintain water and oil balance, set makeup once, refresh all day

01 : bright and fair, infinitely shining,suits for fair skin ladies

02 : customized for Asian skin color,suits for natural or medium skin ladies

03 : glamour, low-key elegance,suits for dark or wheat skin ladies Silky smooth, beautiful, oily-free and breathable, keeps your skin dry all day long

Delicate foundation, oil-free makeup

1. Air cushioning powder 12 hours long lasting, anti-sweat

2. Light and natural. Air cushion fine powder, uniform uniform, makes pores invisisable

3. Concealer and brightens. Three-color adjustment powder, balance skin tone

4. Oil control and breathable. Make-up transparent powder, absorb oil and make skin more fair and silky

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